Information Brochure

The Catholic School is a unique community. It is a Christian community organised around the person of Christ. Our school presents Christ to the pupils and proclaims life with God.

Christ therefore is the teaching centre – the model on whom the Christian shapes his or her life. Our school is also an educational community, as such it aims to develop the basic skills, progressively open minds to the accumulated culture and teach critical thinking. We aim also to support and supplement the efforts of parents to provide an education which will prepare each child for his or her full participation in a Christian life.

We act on the basis that education is ongoing and lifelong. It is a priority for our community of staff, students and parents to interact with one another so that the greatest possible growth can take place. Religious Education embraces instruction, values and attitudes. The home and school share in the development of these values and attitudes.

St. Thomas’ is situated in a rural farming community, approximately 215 kilometres southwest of Melbourne. In 1907 St. Thomas’ began under the direction of the Sister’s of Mercy. The Sisters remained in charge of the school until 1987.

St. Thomas’ enjoys the close support and involvement of families in school activities. There is a close co-operation between school and home, and a strong bond of friendship between staff and students. Staff members enjoy close relationships and are readily involved in parish activities. The school is a vibrant component of parish life, including ministers of the word and Eucharist, and members of parish planning groups.

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